Room 31-32 View Talay 5C

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Room 31-32 View Talay 5CLarge Condo for use as shop/office or living Locate at 1st floor.Accommodation This apartment has a Separate BedroomToilet/shower and Kitchen Rental fee is 20,000tb per month Plus, Condo maintenance fee And utilities (at cost). For a one-year Contract Available now For a viewing or if you have any questions please contact: Eng/Thai 0871483894This property is in the best possible position it is directly in front of the entry access road leading into this condo building therefore all who enter.That drive or walk into this condo building will directly see any signage you place on your balcony (other shops on the ground floor you need to look to your right in order to see them).Also, the other balcony is facing the pool again this is a perfect place for signage to be seen by all who use the pool/pool restaurant. It has a large glass frontage in the corridor and is situated next to the pool/restaurant access door it is seen by all that enter and leave the swimming pool/pool restaurant and is in the perfect position for any information to be seen and for office access for anyone using the pool or pool restaurant.

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